Working with visionary chef Heston Blumenthal, and his Experimental Kitchen, we created the dish 'The Sound of the Sea'. Based on the science of how we form emotional, sensory memories, to enhance the experience and the flavour of food.

A dish of sashimi, tapioca ‘sand’ and sea foam is served with a conch shell containing an iPod. The guests listen to a sound of waves crashing and seagulls flying overhead as they enjoy the dish.

The sound of the sea brings back memories of being by the seaside, being relaxed, the sea-spray in the air. Maybe buying freshly caught fish off the boat.

The strong sensory memories cross the threshold of consciousness and enhance perception. Making the fish taste fresher. The experience more emotional.

'The Sound of the Sea' is Heston Blumenthal's signature dish at the Fat Duck and the one everyone leaves talking about. It also generated the most PR worldwide of all the amazing inventions served at the restaurant.

You can listen to a similar soundscape below. If you want to try out the cross-modal effects, get some sashimi and stick your headphones on. Or play it in the background when you next serve fish at a dinner party.

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Want to taste the original 'The Sound of the Sea' dish for yourself? Follow the link for more details